The first phase of our program is to establish a social environment whereby veterans can interact, network and enjoy the camaraderie that was shared while proudly serving their country; while seeking solutions to the problems they face and helping others with their problems. In buiding the atmosphere we envision a hobby, fitness, recreational, lounge areas.

The second phase will be to set up various programs driven by the needs of our local veterans. We envision needs to arise in the following areas:

  • an employment program to assist veterans find employment
  • a transportation program to assist veterans with local transportation
  • a mobility program to aid veterans to be mobile (wheel chairs)
  • an assistance program to aid veterans with such things as food, shelter, clothing, bill payment
  • an information program to guide veterans to organizations that can help them with problems we cannot solve

Update for our Donors, Guests and other interested parties

Sign ins to the Veterans Liberty Center:

  • Historically just under 4000 per year
  • 2017 3,819 sign ins’
  • 2018 3,710 sign ins’
  • 2019 project’s a slight increase

These numbers don’t include attendance at special events or fund raisers. We are working to expand our Volunteer staff which we project will see an increase of sign ins.

Transportation provided to Veteran’s

  • 2017 422 trips
  • 2018 400 trips
  • 019 we estimate 300

In 2019 we have restricted our trips to be shorter, less time-consuming and confined to those with more urgent needs

Clothing Donations;

  • 2017 we gave out clothing 330 times
  • 2018 it was 467 times
  • 2019 we will be above 467 times

Any type of clothing that we have in excess is given to the homeless shelter and below are the details

  • 2018 we gave 40 boxes of clothing to the homeless shelter;
  • To date in 2019 we have given the homeless shelter 25 boxes.

Cash Donations to Veterans

  • 2017- $24.100
  • 2018 -$2,769
  • 2019-$200

In 2017 an estate asked us if we would distribute some restricted funds to veterans which we agreed to do which amounted to approximately $22,000 of what we gave out in 2017. Other factors that have come into play include the unemployment rate in our area is less then 3% therefore requests for funds that are not repaid is down. When there is a request for cash, we first refer those veterans to other and better sources in our community.

We have in the past and will continue to provide the following donated medical equipment

  • Hospital Beds
  • Shower Chairs
  • Potty Chairs
  • Lifts
  • Power Chairs
  • Scooters
  • 2017 Distributed 13 power chairs
  • 2018 Distributed 7 power chairs and loaned 3
  • 2019 exchanged a power chair for a scooter and loaned out two scooters.
  • Presently we have 14 power chairs in inventory and no outstanding requests for one.

This past January as you may know, our Founder and main fund raiser Larry Dingman passed away. We are not a large organization and we are solely dependent on our Volunteers while providing a unique service to our Veterans and others in need. Many Individuals and Companies have been very generous is helping to establish our presence in the community with all of the above items. Our biggest issue now is to raise funds for day to day operations which is where we need your help. Please refer to our Website URL, Mission Statement and the history above when you consider contributing to us and your contributions will help us continue to serve those who have served our Country so well.

The Board of Directors -Veteran’s Liberty Center